SSCC: Individual Voice

In collaboration with some of the most qualified Vocal Pedagogy experts in the South Shore, SSCC now offers individual voice lessons for youth and adults!

No experience is necessary to take voice lessons through the SSCC IV Program, and is available for enrolled SSCC Singers, community youth not enrolled in SSCC, and adult learners!


….are rooted in the most up-to-date vocal pedagogy methods available.

….are knowledgable in vocal science, and offer the healthiest technique in order for students to develop life-long good singing habits. 

…..are passionate in developing singers that are well-rounded in technique, literacy, and repertoire. 



…..are competitive to other local music schools.

……pay teachers fairly for their time and qualifications.

……don’t ‘break the bank’ for local families. 



….is to continue to give our SSCC singers and beyond a well-rounded experience to develop the entirety of the voice and singer!



Kayla Gautereaux

Kayla Gautereaux

Individual Voice Director

Kayla Gautereaux, Assistant Vocal Pedagogy Director and Vocal Pedagogy Lab Manager at New England Conservatory, lectures on vocal pedagogy and the acoustics of the singing voice and advises students through their voice-related research projects. Additionally, Ms. Gautereaux serves on the faculty of the Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at New England Conservatory. Ms. Gautereaux’s research interests include exploring the detailed time and pressure domains within a pitch period, which led her to investigate a novel approach to the spectral analysis of the singing voice using wavelet decomposition. As a private voice teacher, Ms. Gautereaux enjoys guiding students of diverse backgrounds to meet their individual goals. She specializes in teaching transgender students, partnering with professional choir directors, and working with medical professionals to restore singers in rehabilitative voice care. Ms. Gautereaux serves as President of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Boston Chapter. Ms. Gautereaux, soprano, performs song recitals, chamber music, opera, and oratorio; she passionately programs and performs music for social justice. Among other professional choral engagements, Ms. Gautereaux is the Assistant Music Minister at the Union Church in Waban. Ms. Gautereaux co-founded Folklore Guild, a choral ensemble with a strong education program specializing in music from video-game and film soundtracks, and launched the Voice Box Channel on YouTube.

SSCC Individual Voice Prices

Lesson Rate SSCC Enrolled Singer Rate
1/2 Hour Weekly Lesson $37 $33
1 Hour Weekly Lesson $70 $65